Starting A Small Business – How To Choose One That Will Create Instant Cash Profits Anytime You Want

Are you tired of the program you are currently on? I mean are you working way too many hours and would like a make a drastic change in your life for the better? Are you looking to start a small business and get free from a job so you can make some really decent money?Looking back now, years ago when my kids were young, I could have walked away from my 7 day a week factory job and I could have started making the same money (or better) working just a small part-time business as a house painter. It’s like that Rod Stewart song where he sings “If I only knew then what I know now”. With all the overtime pay I was making I could still have beat that job by a mile. I could have went to from 56 hours a week to just 30 hours per week with better pay.As an example, I have been a house painter for years now. If I get slow and need business, I can go out and get something going within a few days. And then I stay busy for weeks or longer. Most of the time longer. My small, part-time, painting business has been one of the easiest and fastest ways for me to make instant cash. No waiting two weeks or longer for a paycheck, no one to say why are you late again?No one to tell me that I cant take a day off from work anytime I want to. No more having to work with someone that I don’t like. And best of all, if I can’t get the money I want to make, I walk away clean on to the next potential customer.Have you thought about a small business that produces instant cash flow anytime you need it? A part-time business where you could work just 6 hours a day or less, yet make a full time income? Or just to replace the job you currently have that you absolutely hate?Just think if you had a way to make an instant $300, $500 or even a thousand dollars or more anytime you needed it without having to borrow it. The power to be able to sit down and write out checks to pay those bills anytime you need to.To be able to afford to take your wife and kids out to a nice dinner on Friday night or Sunday afternoons. To be able to take a really nice vacation, or buy that new dream car, buy gas, etc.. Before starting a small business you must ask your self a few important questions. Questions like:1. What do I love doing the most or know a lot about that I could do as a profitable small business or part-time business?2. How much income would I really like to have? (think big)3. How many hours would I really like to work?4. How much start-up capital will I need?5. How can I get an unlimited flow of customers? (this guarantees continuous profit)6. Can I do this business anywhere and still make a profit?7.) Can I do this just as a part-time business and also make a great income?The idea is to think big, but at the same time be realistic about it all. Most people think that to start a small part-time business that they will only probably make an extra $500 a week.Which is not bad by the way. But when you think about Uncle Sam wanting his part plus the cost of gas and the amount of time you may have to spend, only an extra $500 a week may not look all that appealing.To make a pure $500 a week, taxes will take about 20%. So that drops it down to $400 and if you have to drive anywhere, that could suck up another $50 a week dropping your final weekly profits down to $350.So the idea for starting a small business or part-time business is to think big. Think low hours, low mileage, big profits. Find a niche market that you already have experience in or would enjoy learning and doing. It could be anything from an interesting cooking related business to an automotive repair idea or service. The secret is your desire, personal experience and to not be afraid to think big or creatively.

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